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Confession time, guys: over the past year, I’ve become a rabid 24 fan.  I’d never really watched it before (despite the insistent proddings of family and friends who were fans), but with the writer’s strike and everything I had some time and some friends who goaded me into catching up and boy-howdy, did I enjoy it.  It’s pure action and fun, and there’s really nothing not to love about it.

It’s just entered its 7th season now, and like any show running for that long, it has developed patterns and trends that happen every season, if not every episode.  This is exactly the kind of thing that is ripe for a drinking game.  I searched around at what’s already out there, but the current drinking games for 24 are so silly and predictable they’re not worth playing.  So guess what I did?  If you guessed started an ostrich farm, you’re only half right.  The other thing I did was create…


In order to create a balanced and steady game that doesn’t get you wasted in the first 15 mins and then leave you in the lurch for the last 45 mins, I’ve created the following rules.  I’ve tried to make them as generic and non-season-specific as possible, so you should be able to go back and play the game with old episodes if you so desire (you should always follow your desires*).

Take one drink if:

  • Jack says “damn it!”
  • You hear the CTU/FBI ringtone
  • Something (security systems, computers, video, etc.) is hacked into
  • Someone needs an open socket
  • Jack orders someone to do something “NOW!”

Take two drinks if:

  • Someone requests something sent to their screen, PDA, or phone
  • Someone flanks, moves into position, or secures the perimeter
  • Something is going to happen “within the hour”
  • Someone needs schematics or requests access codes
  • Someone requests to be “patched through” or conferenced in to a call
  • Jack promises to “I give you my word”

Take three drinks if:

  • Jack orders someone to drop their weapon
  • Jack drops his weapon
  • Chloe is awkward
  • Chloe is a pain in the ass
  • Someone is followed
  • Jack breaks protocol, the law, or commits treason
  • Someone is tortured until they give up information

Take a shot if:

  • Jack says he “doesn’t have time to explain”
  • Jack says “I just need you to trust me”
  • Jack says “Right now he’s our only lead!”
  • Jack “had no choice”
  • A suspected “bad guy” is really a good guy working undercover
  • Someone thought to be dead is actually still alive

Finish your drink if:

  • A mole is revealed in CTU, the President’s staff, or the FBI
  • Jack recovers from death or near-death in an inhuman amount of time (like within the hour)
  • Someone mentions Jack’s wife or his estranged relationship with Kim (this rule won’t work in the 1st season)

Drink and Don’t Stop if:

  • The countdown timer to a bomb or whatever is running out of time…stop drinking when the timer stops

Toast and Finish Drink:

  • If someone important dies and the episode ends in the “silent clock”. RESPECT.

I think it’s a pretty solid set of rules.  It’s hard to say this season with things being so different if it will still work, but if things keep going the way they have, it should work out just fine.  Happy drinking!

*As with anything like this, we’re not responsible if you drink too much and you’re big boys and girls and you should know your limits yadda yadda we don’t have any money to sue for anyway so don’t waste your time.

16 Responses to “24: The Drinking Game”

  1. Andrew Salman says:

    I think the Chloe rules should be edited to include Edgar (may he rest in fictional peace.). Since he’s not as socially awkward as Chloe, maybe something about complaining, which he did a lot of.

  2. Teri says:

    Should also include for season 7 whenever Jack says “Copy that.”

  3. Sean says:

    It should be a couple of drinks whenever someone refers to someone by their first and last name.

  4. Nick says:

    What about Kills?! Thats the best part of the show!!

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  7. Bonzi77 says:

    You forgot to have people make a toast if someone dies to a silent clock. D:

  8. Pat says:

    I am not sure how you missed this but after watching the past several shows all in one night I have come to realize that you have to drink a shot everytime Jack says NOW! And you have to do it right away…as in right NOW!

  9. Markus says:

    Drink whenever they are running out of time. Drink whenever they have no choice or are told they have no choice or running out of options.

  10. beth says:

    and when Jack says “I give you my word” he always says that :D

  11. Matt says:

    I’ll add a couple:
    1 drink if someone is ordered to “stand down”
    take a shot if someone requests immunity

    Personally I think 3 drinks if Chloe is awkward/a pain in the ass is too much. You’ll be drinking whenever she comes on screen.

  12. Matt says:

    another one for those catching up on DVD:
    3 drinks if someone is put in an “impossible situation.”

  13. Deadsexy says:

    “We are running out of time!” one drink
    “I am a Federal Agent.” one drink

  14. little sarah says:

    4 Drinks: when an ‘old friend’ turns up out the blue; Tony, chloe, audrey or even Logan!

    2 drinks: when David palmer says something an american president would NEVER say i.e: “the american people deserve to know the truth”!

    1 drink: when Sherrie Palmer stabs someone in the back!

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