Aftermath kuroshio sake tasting and comedy night

We gave you the heads up about it, we went, we drank, we laughed, and we’re pretty sure a bunch of people had a drunken good time.

The sake tasting was first up, starting around 6ish with our friends from Sake Story. They had a wide variety of sakes on hand and were more than happy to drop some sake science on how it’s made, the different qualities, and where each one was from. My personal favorite had to be Mighty Peak, an eaaaasssy drinkin’ sake from the birthplace of samurai warrior culture.

Toshi and friends on the verge of sake bliss

The night was just getting started though…more pics and tomfoolery after the cut!

It didn’t take long for sake-fever to catch on, and soon most of the packed restaurant was crowded around the bar sampling sakes from all over Japan.


Amazingly, the 2 hours for the tasting flew by and soon it was time for the comedy. Everyone took their seats, ordered some sushi (and more drinks, of course) and settled in for some laughs. I think these people were planning on settling in for a few weeks.

You could sail to Portugal in this thing

I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of all the comics, but I assure you some of them are even funnier looking than their pictures.

Chubby Johnson (he gave himself that name, I’m not just making cruel observations) was the MC for the night and set things off with a few jokey-jokes. Steve Haigh was next to keep warming up the ever-loosening crowd (the booze helped that process as well). Next up was Brooke “BJ” Cochrane (this time her mother is to blame for her name), the one we all came to stare at creepily wanted to hear for her perspective on the high-stakes world of jewelry sales and living in some place called Winston. Unfortunately, the DrinkPlanner photographer thought that poorly lit, out of focus pictures taken at a distance were the best way to capture Brooke’s natural beauty (not to mention the FIRE, the EMOTION, the COMEDY!), so this is all we have. Sorry stalkers.

Brooke goin’ OFF about something or other (Jewelry? BJs?)

Next up we had the man who put the whole night of comedy together, Dr. Pete, a man with a Ph.D (in FUNNY, amirite!?!) and a radio show on WREK. By this point the crowd was good and ready and while you wouldn’t think a sushi place was an uhmm…appropriate venue for comedy, it was clear that you would be very very wrong and you should probably shut your stupid mouth.

Dr. Pete, layin’ down the comedy smackdown

Last but certainly not least was Chelcie Rice (yes, he’s a man named Chelcie…I can’t make this stuff up people!) who had a great set, despite having one of the most bizzare things I’ve ever seen happen during a comedy show happen smack-dab in the middle of his set. He handled it like a champ though and was finally triumphant.

But the night wasn’t over yet. Kuroshio staff decided that a sake-bomb was in order, and it didn’t take much convincing to get most of the room to take part.

Ready for consumption

To top off the night, Dr. Pete led the crowd in a bit of Comedy Karaoke, where four lucky people from the audience told their jokes to the brutal crowd, who decided which among them was the funniest. One lucky so-and-so won a Dr. Pete t-shirt, passes for four to the Funny Farm, and a free beer. Not bad!

All in all, it was a great night. If you came out, thanks for joining us and sharing some drinks. If you didn’t, well now you know what kind of shenanigans and hullabaloo you missed, so I doubt you’ll miss a DrinkPlanner-attended event again.

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