And were back

Hey gang.  What’s been going on?  I know, right?  Well, worry no longer.  It’s all over now, the nightmare has ended, and DrinkPlanner is back in full fighting form.  I now have a fully functioning computer-machine, faster and more badasser than ever.  Expect to see things return to normal over the next week or so as I get cranked back up and sort through all the ideas and article fragments and bottles of booze that have stacked up in my involuntary hiatus.  But we haven’t been just sitting around getting hammered in the downtime (we have), we’ve got large feature articles in the works, booze reviews, and even a site redesign.  I might even update our blogroll, you never know!  

ALSO, this Thursday is another Thursday Drink Night chat, with the ingredient of the night being vermouth.  Dry, sweet, WHATEVER, it’s all welcome.  Best cocktail of the night gets a bottle of Dolin dry vermouth.  Festivities begin at 7pm Eastern, and it’s not unheard of for things to go until 3 or 4am.  Or you can go by there anytime, folks are usually hanging around talkin’ smack.

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