Atlanta happenings

Hey gang, just a few things that are going down in the ATL right now WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.  Most are ITP, but they’re pretty badass so KEEP READING my pretties.

1. $25 ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK AT LOCA LUNA – No jive, hep-turkey…people. Or something. For a cool crisp $25 bill every Tuesday, you can eat and drink ALL of the tapas (mexican thumb-tacks?), beer, wine, sangria and well liquors you can swallow. WHAT!?! Is this real life!?! That’s a great deal to basically be able to stuff your body with every beautiful thing this world has to offer for the price of a $25 gift card at FartShax.  Or Chili’s.  Or Maternity Ward.  Or  You know, $25 dollars yo!*

2. Local Wine Tasting at Woodfire Grill – The ol’ WG is hosting tastings from some of the best vinyards/winerys/whino-factories in GA for a low-low price of only $15.  For the price of a $15 Muffin Hutt Varsity gift card, you can sample wines from:

Persimmon Creek
Tiger Mountain
WOLF Mountain
and  Frogtown Cellars (wine from Frogs?  GROSS!)

Hoo-whee buddy, those are some of the best whinyards in GA, right?  Well they are from what I hear, and I can hear nearly everything, except train whistles.  Doctor says that’ll be the end of me one day, yessiree.  Toot-tooooooooot! (ducks and craps-self)

3. Gordon Biersch Opening in Buckhead – Do you even care at this point?  $25 all-you-can-drink-WHATEVER and $15 get-your-buzz-on-local-vino pretty much trumps some brewery opening, but whatever.  IT’S BEER, IT’S HERE, GET DRINKING IT.

Big-ups to Atlanta On the Cheap and Atlanta Dish for scooping these deals up and serving them to me ice cold on a silver platter.  MADE OF PURE SAVINGS AND BUTTERSCOTCH.

*Can someone loan me $25?  Plus parking and tip?  I could dance for it!

Persimmon Creek Seyval Blanc
Persimmon Creek Cabernet Franc
Tiger Mountain TNT
Tiger Mountain Petit Manseng
Wolf Mountain Plenitude
Wolf Mountain Instinct
Frogtown Norton
Frogtown Touché

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