Beer pong coupons for the underprivileged

Times are hard, y’all.  The wife won’t stop yelling about food for the baby.  The baby won’t stop crying because your wife is a screaming bitch.  The dish washer won’t work anymore (who is also your wife, zing!).  THERE’S NO MONEY ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET.  You probably want to get a new identity and start another life picking coconuts and herding llamas with a sassy Puerto Rican mama named Rita, we don’t blame you.  But the biggest question still remains unanswered: how are you going to afford this month’s batch of beer pong tables?  Those ping-pong balls aren’t going to submerge themselves in beer by themselves!  Those horse-piss American beers aren’t going to chug themselves, by golly!  Consider your query REPLIED TO, my friends…I present: Beer Pong Coupons.

Yes, just when you thought you and your family were going to slip into irreversible destitution and despair, Beer Pong Coupons arises like a Natty-Lite-coated phoenix from the dust and detritus of our own human suffering to give you more discounts on beer pong tables you can shake a stick of government cheese at.*  The ONLY site dedicated to online coupon codes for beer pong tables (that we know of), offering savings as high as $35 on brand new beer pong tables, you can ensure that your family won’t be forced to lap up errant puddles of Keystone Light like a bunch of minimum-wage assholes at a Beer Spilling Convention.  You can continue to live the life you’ve always known, chugging Milwaukee Beast from solo cups the way God intended…one sweet upper-middle class swig at a time.  

Beer Pong Coupons via:: Liquor Snob

*Because you’re POOR now, get it!?!

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  1. felix Said,

    sweet discounts, i’ve been wanting a professional beer pong table for a while… now i can afford it. haha

  2. Beer Pong Tables Said,

    Haha.. excellent!

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