Best Wines Under $10

If you’re like me, the aisle of wine at the grocery store is pretty terrifying. With so many options to chose from and a budget to follow, it can be intimidating to find something you actually like. You could go for the $4.99 bottle of rose from Trader Joe’s or you could step your game up with this list of 10 under $10 wines, that are way better than that Barefoot you’re drinking. With the help of this article from The Spruce, we’ve rounded up some of the most dignified wines that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

1. Broadbent Vinho Verde | $8.99

This type of wine is an extremely popular everyday type of wine in Portugal. This specifical Vinho Verde features a citrus blend, ultra-zesty acidity and is light and refreshing. It is the perfect pairing with seafood and a great summer drink!

2. Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling | $9.99

This off-dry Riesling brings plenty of sweet peach and lemon-limes notes to the glass. Pairs well with the the spice of Asian fare, this is one of America’s most popular Rieslings. And at this value, it’s ours too.

3. Alamos Malbec | $9.99

Blending plum flavors with dark cherry and blackberry, this is a great standard wine. With integrated nuances of brown spice and vanilla, it’s just complex enough for its pricetag.

4. Campo Viejo Rioja | $9.99

This Northern Spanish wine is a popular for its food-friendly nature and its unbeatable price point. Campo Viejo Rioja combines a medium-body with a fruit driven core and a fine finish. Perfect with a spread of tapas, or a simple meal like veggies and meat.

5. Beso de Vino Seleccion | $10.99

This Syrah-based Spanish red blend brings together earthiness and dark cherry notes with a touch of black peppery spice on the end. This wine is smooth and supple with a medium body that carries enough acidity to go with a wide selection of food.

6. Ironstone Obsession Symphony | $9.99

If you’re looking for that quintessential “cheap wine” this is the one for you. As a  lighter-styled white with subtle notes apricot and citrus, it’s great for your everyday glass of wine.  

7. Apothic Red | $10.99

Expect a tasty blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot with notes of ample fruit. This is another wine that is so versatile and can pair with anything from pasta to pizza.

8. Mulderbosch Rose | $9.99

With its beautiful pink color and bold flavor, this South African rosé offers aromas of strawberry, raspberry and roses right to your nose. It’s balanced profile and bright flavors, make it the perfect pairing for those “foodie favorites”.

9. Folie a Deux Menage a Trois | $9.99

This is such a good go-to red! With a ripe jam-driven flavor and a soft, silk finish, this wine is a total crowd pleaser. Menage a Trois is a simple red that’s bright and fun from start to finish!

10. Mirassou Moscato | $8.99

This is one of the most popular (and more cost savvy) Moscatos on the market, as it is well-distributed. This is a great after dinner wine that’s more of a sweet, bubbly dessert than a drink!