Booze blog roundup 6

The amazingly crush-worthy Christina Perozzi (above) has opened up Beer 4 Chicks, a site and blog for beer-drinking ladies* by a beer-drinking lady!.  If they ever launch a dating section of the site, I fully expect to meet my future wife there.

The Greener Grass points us to what is possibly the greatest keg accoutrement ever.

Our pals at Another Wine Blog have an interesting video on how music can affect your enjoyment of wine.

And if I don’t meet a fine lady-friend at the non-existent Beer 4 Chicks dating site, this woman with a 0.55% BAC was probably driving around looking for me.

George Will finally stops being a wackjob for once and admits that beer is responsible for the success of modern society.

Somehow we completely missed that there’s a Beer Pong Game for the Nintendo Wii.  Who knew?

*But seriously…no RSS?  What is this, 2002?

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