Booze gun when you need your party to get weird

So uhmmm…check this out:


THAT is the Alcohol Shot Gun.  When fired, it releases 1oz (which uhm, is not even a full shot guys) of your choice of beverage into or around the face it’s aimed at.  What I really want to talk about though is this picture, and the numerous questions it raises.  Why is that guy so angry?  If he’s that angry, why is he giving someone a delicious shot?  Is he being forced to administer the shot under duress?  And what’s up with this other guy…why would the he even go to the trouble of loading up a shot into a gun to shoot it into his own face instead of leaving it in the glass and drinking it normally?  Also, are those braces?  Because adults with braces stress me out.  They are also a very strange choice as a model for advertising a product where you know their braces are going to be highly visible.  

The Biggest Question: Who is the target market for this product?  The hostile and closeted homosexual frat guy?  Because shooting streaming shots of booze into your broseph’s mouth has more than a few gay undertones (Or is it overtones? What’s the difference?  I’m too lazy to Google it).  

They should have just named this thing the LOLWhut? because really, HUH?

The Alcohol Shot Gun via ::  Gizmodo

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