Booze is beautiful


If there’s some aspect I don’t like about booze, I have yet to find it.  From it’s production to it’s taste and smell to the way it makes me feel, there’s nothing I don’t find fascinating about alcohol.  Hell, I even appreciate hangovers, a not-so-gentle reminder of the raw power booze can exert over me and reduce me to a whimpering pile of pain.  And now BevShots has come up with yet another way to enjoy our spirits.  Blending art and science, they take photos of beer, wine, spirits and cocktails at a microscopic level and then blow them up to poster size to be framed and hung on your wall.  The photo above is of sake, here are a just a couple more of the numerous shots they offer:




English Oatmeal Stout

Obviously, these are very cool.  Not only would they look great on your wall, but they’d be great conversation pieces (if that’s something you’re concerned about).  They’ve got tons more, even allowing you to search through them by color to find the right match for your pad.  Check ‘em out!

BevShots via:: Thrillist

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