Booze tunes

After booze, one of my favorite things is music.  This will be an occasional feature where I speak briefly about some music (full albums or songs) I’ve been enjoying while I throw a few back.

Booze Tunes

Hey-oooo, new feature time!  Music and drinking go together like something and something.  They’re made for each other!  I have a pretty wide (yet refined with just a touch of “snooty”) taste in music, so hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  I’m linking stuff to because they’re consistently the cheapest and I hate iTunes and their stupid DRM.  SO….here’s what I’ve been pouring into my earhole lately.

apr1. The Hold Steady – A Positive Rage: The world’s best drinking band has finally released a live album of one of their epic live shows.  I know I’ve already talked about them here before, but their live shows are a thing of LEGEND, and this CD/DVD combo captures all the wildness and ferocity they’re known for.  If you’re a drinker and you don’t know them, you’ve been missing out my friend.  I don’t have anything else to say but I’m going to write an extra sentence here because wordpress is disobeying me worse than a 14-year old girl right now and won’t insert a break here LIKE I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM, so this is the alternative to me slapping that child/putting my fist through my monitor.

chillin2. Wale – Chillin’ (feat Lady GaGa): Probably the first big jam of the summer, after strawberry of course (so sorry for that joke, I’m heading straight to jail for that one).  Wale (pronounced wah-lay) is an up-and-coming MC from DC and has incredible flows like I haven’t heard in a long LONG time.  For real, cop EVERYTHING YOU CAN by this guy.  He’s got a ton of free mixtapes out for download and has a major label album dropping late summer/early fall.  If you’re a hip-hop fan, GO and download 100 Miles and Running or his Seinfeld (!) themed mixtape The Mixtape About Nothing or the brand-new Back to the Feature featuring everyone from Bun B to Memphis Bleek (ha!) to Talib Kweli to Warren G to Peter, Bjorn and John.  Dude is going to be HUGE. Here’s the video for Chillin’:

chromeo3. Chromeo – Needy Girl: This isn’t new, in fact it’s from their first album She’s in Control, it’s all synth and talk box and I’m so in deep deep love with this I can’t control myself.  It’s got a badass throwback 80′s groove that SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG AND I AM NO LONGER IN CONTROL OF MY ACTIONS.  CALL A HOSPITAL AND MY PARENTS AND PLEASE HELP I CAN’T STOP LET MY FAMILY KNOW…ahem…so it’s ahhhh pretty great in a low-key kind of way.  It’s even got a classic phone call break-in which SELF CONTROL HOLD IT TOGETHER BEAT IRRESISTABLAREKJRARRRJJHHHuuuhhhh.  Enjoy!

wap4. Phoenix – Lisztomania: Another contender for Summer Hip-Swinger ’09, the first two tracks on their latest album are the best, Lisztomania in particular.  I’m not sure that anyone knows what it means, but it just makes you feel good and makes you dance like only white people can dance (much like Consolation Prizes off of their last album).  Evidence?  This Lisztomania/The Breakfast Club mash-up (and a few other 80′s movies) which is truly brilliant.

I also had a brief write-up of the new Method Man & Redman Blackout! 2 (Short Summary: it’s great!) album but wordpress decided that it wanted to delete it like the moody little bitch it is.  No TV for a week!

Heard anything good lately?  Share it in the comments!