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Welcome to the very first installment of Bottle Shots, where I drink some beer, wine, or liquor and tell you what I think of it, and if I think you should drink it.  Easy enough, right? I’ve got a variety of things I’ve been aching to try out, so let’s get crackin’.

So for our first installment, I’ve selected Wild Turkey American Honey.

The Lowdown: WTAH (as I will be calling it for the remainder of this review) is a liqueur made from bourbon and honey.  From what I can tell (because it’s not featured on the Wild Turkey website, strangely) it’s meant to either be sipped slowly after-dinner drink style (like cognac or Irish Mist or Licor 43) or possibly shot, Jaeger-style.  I opted for slow-sippin’, as I figured that would give me an idea as to how it would work as a shot if I ever wanted to drink it that way.

The Whiff: –A brief aside:  Smell is very important to tasting.  70-75% percent of what we perceive as taste actually comes from smell.  Hence, THE WHIFF.–

Strong alcohol smell.  Not even bourbon, but just a general alcohol sting.  I only barely get a hint of honey on the back end of a big long sniffy-sniff.  Bourbon is nowhere to be found in the nose, which is very interesting.  Honestly, it makes me a little apprehensive, but this is for science damnit, and I must solider on.

The Taste: HONEY, all day long.  The bourbon is definitely there, but any alcohol sting I anticipated from the smell has been knocked unconscious, beaten within an inch of its life and left for dead in an abandoned washing machine factory by the hypnotic honey flavors found within.  You would never, never-ever need to mix this to make it drinkable for a newbie, it’s very sweet, and just barely avoids being cloying.

It’s definitely a pure sweetness, it’s like Wild Turkey found that one really hot girl you knew in high school who was waaaaaaay out of your league but for some reason was really cool and actually talked to you and laughed at your lame Pokemon jokes* and didn’t care that you had seen The Matrix 37 times (in the theater, no less!) and you knew there was no way a girl like that should be talking to you in public, but she was, and they captured her and knocked her out with chloroform and systematically (but humanely) boiled her down to her basic genuinely sweet and caring nature and then poured her life essence into a bottle of bourbon, and branded it Wild Turkey American Honey.  Can you believe that was only one sentence?  THAT. JUST. HAPPENED.

The Mix: As I said earlier, you’d never need to mix this.  However, I’m sure there are drinks you could use this in to give it a hint of honey if you wanted.  I happened to have a glass of bourbon already poured nearby (surprise!) and poured a little bit of what I had left of the WTAH in it, and it definitely sweetened it up.  It would probably be great to add to some bourbon if you were first introducing it to someone and they were nervous about drinking alcohol straight.  Bourbon is typically sweeter than most whiskeys to begin with, but I also know most people are big babies when it comes to drinking booze without a mixer, so this could certainly ease their anticipated pain.  It’d be a fantastic way to ween someone into the mysterious and beautiful ways of all things Whiskey.  Maybe even your mom!**

Would you drink it again? Most def.  While not as complex as many after-dinner type drinks, there’s nothing wrong with it per se, and I can’t see myself turning down a glass if it were offered (and yes, that does actually happen from time to time).  It’s got that thing that all worthwhile after-dinner drinks have, where it instantly warms you from the inside out, from the very first sip.  It walks that fine line of soothing alcohol warmth and delicious taste.

Would you recommend it to someone else? Yes, provided they have a sweet-tooth.  For people who prefer bitter, sour, or salty drinks…this just isn’t for them.  If you don’t like sweet, you won’t like this drink.

Overall Score: 87 out of 100

So there you have it.  More thrilling and life-changing installments to follow.  Would you like us to review your drink?  Email us!

*Are there any non-lame Pokemon jokes?  I mean really, how old are you?

**Just kidding, I’ve already got your mom drinking whiskey.  Out of my palm. Creepy, right?

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  1. Chris Said,

    A mom joke AND a Talladega Nights joke?

    This review gets 88/100.

    /Wonder if I can get this in Canada…
    //What’s the alcohol %?

  2. DrinkPlanner Said,

    I do what I can.

    I don’t know about Canada, but it’s 35.5%

  3. K Said,

    Love the new feature. Can’t wait to see what you drink next!

  4. Chris Said,

    35.5%? So it would make a deadly shot then. Definitely gonna keep an eye out.

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