Burger king to sell beer in south beach

I’m sure one day in the future, when we tell our grandchildren stories like this one in their holo-beds from our laser wheelchairs, this story will seem like a quaint artifact from the past. “What’s a burger?” they’ll ask as they download their dinner from their iFeeder. But until that day comes, this will seem like a notable step forward for the progress of mankind.

A Burger King “Whopper Bar” concept restaurant (whatever the hell that is) in South Beach Miami will start serving Big Three* beers for $4.25 a pop, or about $2 added on to the price of a combo meal. I think this will be a good thing, thought it will probably depend on how well it does to see if it catches on. Liquor licenses ain’t cheap, so hopefully this will do well and justify that cost. If it works, it could open up the floodgates to chains doing this nationwide, and eventually (hopefully) carry local brews as well.

Just imagine that day in the future, teleporting to your local Wendy’s Xtreme to pick up a spicy-chicken pellet and hover-fries alongside a frosty Dogfish Head Cyberhopped IPA. That is, if our robot overlords let us. Damn those robot bastards!

USA Today via We All Scheme

*Bud, Miller, and Coors. AH-NO-DUH.

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  1. Nathan says:

    I hope this dies a quick death. Fast-food chains would be no more likely to carry local and craft beers than they are now to carry craft sodas, or for that matter, any soft drinks other than those from Pepsi or Coke. Considering that on-premise liquor licenses are no longer being issued in many parts of the country (i.e. if you want one you have to buy an existing one on the open market), it would infuriate me for fast-food chains to start sucking them up just so they can serve shit beer for more than the cost of most of their entrees.

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