Can you tell me how to get to drinkplanner

Running a website is a funny thing. There’s all these analytics and tools to let you see how people are getting to your site, and it’s always fun looking through the keywords log to see what people put into Google that brought them to the site. So I was looking through the logs today and thought I’d share some of the more humorous ones, because some of them really are funny.

“how not to puke from drinking”

“drunk grill sex” – So are you drunk, or is the grill?

“binoculars that hold vodca”

“dickel pitcher price” – Holy shit, there’s a place serving George Dickel by the PITCHER!?! That’s kind of amazing.

“if you drink like a man you might end up like this”

“if you drink like a man you will look like a man” – These two came in back to back, I’m not sure what exactly they hoped to find

“applebees beerpong” – Are they hosting beer pong tourneys now?

“women will always be impressed with how much a man can drink” – Sorry, nope.

“closet homosexual” signs “mixed drinks” – Glad we could help out your closeted friends!

“drinking like hell”

“guy drinking a margarita” – Yep, there’s only ever been one

“how much does a flask size of apple pucker” – Answer: TOO MUCH

And my personal favorite, with a full 4 people getting to this site by searching this phrase:

paraplegic hobo pedophiles

Kind of makes you question the fate of humanity, doesn’t it?

But hey, we here at DrinkPlanner don’t care how you got here, we’re just glad you came.  Except for the freaks searching for crippled vagrant kiddie-diddlers, you guys can jump off a bridge.

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