Champions of drinking zane lamprey

Damn it all, Zane Lamprey has my job.

And by that, I mean Zane has the dream job of any dedicated boozer: he gets paid to drink. A LOT. Not only that, but he gets to fly around the globe to do it,Zane sampling the best the alcohol world has to offer right at the source while partaking of the local customs and rituals. As host of the MojoHD network’s Three Sheets, they fly his ass all around the damn world in order to educate us, the viewer, on the finer points of getting sauced while at home and abroad (and what to drink while we’re there). The guy has the job of a lifetime, and I almost hate to name him as a Champion of Drinking out of sheer spite and envy. I mean…the guy gets the privilege of being on a show where they don’t merely allow him to act like an ass and drunken fool, but they encourage it. It’s probably in his contract.

So you can imagine my joy and delight when I found that Hulu is streaming every episode of Three Sheets online for free. The first episode of Season 3 is there before you can watch it on TV! Buying episodes of TV shows through itunes is for suckers, free streaming is the future, kids. Sure, there’s a few ads, but who the hell cares when you get to watch one of TV’s greatest drunk performances since Orson Welles was hawking Paul Masson.

So while I hate to admit it, the man does his job and does it well, and we’re all better for it. So we here at DrinkPlanner salute you Zane, you lucky bastard Champion of Drinking!

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