Comments now open mailing list now exists

Yep, just a few housekeeping notes…the comments are now open, and don’t require registration.  However, if this starts getting abused or heavily spammed, we’ll go back to the way it was before.  If you’ve already registered, I think you can still keep using that login if you want.  Whatevs.

And if you’ll look to your right (no idiot, on THIS PAGE, not at the wall next to you) you’ll notice a link for our soon-to-be crack-a-lackin’ mailing list.  We’ll be doing…something with it, we’re still banging out the details of what that will be exactly, but if you care to be on the BLEEDING EDGE of this website’s communications, well then click that link and cram your info in as fast as you can.

Here’s a random picture of a man listening to booze.

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