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So here’s the scoop, Beer Advocate, the COLOSSUS of beer ratings, has partnered with music label Suburban Home to bring all of us a sticky-sweet FREE music sampler with 22 tracks guaranteed to sound like music! And it’s all done in the name of craft beer. Check out this badass shirt they’re selling!


I like it. If you’re me, (and I know I am) both of those things are true! It’s a pretty great shirt. I can’t vouch for the free music, because I haven’t listened to it yet, but you can’t beat that price. Also, I have no idea what kind of music you like (I stopped reading minds years ago) so I can’t even make an educated guess. It’s worth at least one listen-through though, right? Of course it is. And as yet another super-bonus, Suburban Home will give you a 12% (12%? Sure why not) discount off of anything in their Vinyl Collective store if you use the code “BEERADVOCATE“. I’ve heard it stands for Battered Epileptics Eagerly Roughhousing Appalachians Diabolically Obfuscating Couples’ Artistic Trebuchet Education. SUPPORT THE CAUSE!

Whatever, go download some free music already. And of course, drink craft beer!

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