Dark and stormy

Whoa…so uhmm…those storms sucked pretty bad, didn’t they? Whoever thought that a tornado would rip right through the middle of downtown Atlanta? Crazy stuff.

Well you know me, the first thing I thought of was “Holy crap! I won’t be able to make it out to the bars!”* Luckily I remembered a little concoction I’d come across when some storms hit last year (though nowhere near as bad) that were the perfect remedy to tide me over until I could get back in the game. And as I hear we might get hit again soon, I figured I’d pass this along so you could stock up in case of emergency (if you need to make room throw out milk, bread, bottled water, canned goods and all other non-essentials). I give you Bermuda’s own Dark and Stormy:

Dark and StormyGoslings Black Seal

2oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

6-8oz Ginger Beer

Lime to garnish (optional)

Pour rum over ice in a highball glass, top with ginger beer. Garnish with lime if desired.

And no, ginger beer is NOT the same as ginger ale, any respectable liquor store will sell it. It’s a delicious beverage, the Gosling’s rum in particular giving it a complexity not often found in most rums. I highly recommend enjoying the beverage on a covered porch in the middle of a downpour, imagining yourself the captain of the USS Rummy trying to make it safely to the port of Boozelton, Jamaica. Knowing you’re the only one with the know-how (not to mention the balls) to pilot her through these treacherous waters to safety, and ultimately…inebriation.

Safe sailing, my friends.

*RIGHT after I thought “Oh I hope my friends and loved ones are okay!” I swear.

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