Drink something green for st pattys

Hey gang. I’ve been a lousy blogger, I know. But I couldn’t let a drinking holiday like St. Patrick’s day go by without posting something. What am I, a monster?

So you may have heard of a new kind of shot that’s going around called the Pickleback. Simply put, it’s a shot of whiskey (typically Jamesons) followed by a shot of pickle juice/brine/whatever is in the jar. And yes, you’re right, that sounds downright horrible.

Who came up with this strange combo? Nobody knows the true origins, but it’s being backed by actual real bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, not bored frat guys just mixing together whatever is leftover in their fridge. I’ve never tried one myself, because 1) I hate pickles in the first place, and 2) I don’t hate myself. But APPARENTLY this bizarre fusion of booze and brine actually works, and it’s starting to sweep the nation.  So hey, it’s green, and St. Patty’s, and Erin Go Blarrrffff! This guy knows what I’m talking about.

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