Drink special 3 sake tour lead by actual sake master

We’ve written about our sushi-making friends over at Kuroshio before, and I just got wind of another fine deal worth passing on. This Thursday, April 24th they’ll have a certified Sake Master (or Tōji) there from 6pm-8pm to give you the scoop on numerous glasses of premium sake. All for only $3. If you’ve never been to a booze tasting before, I highly recommend it, as it really helps you gain a new appreciation for the stuff even if you’ve been drinking it for years. And if you haven’t, it turns you on to new and exciting ways to get blasted. Everyone wins!

Following the tour they’ll be hosting a comedy show from 8pm-10pm. While I’ve never heard of any of the people featured, they all look funny, so I guess that’s a plus (minus Brooke Cochrane, who looks mighty cute [Editor’s note: Still a plus]). The best part? Due to Cobb county’s backwards happy-hour/drink special laws, they’ll be featuring a $3 sake tour special all day. So you might as well sit around and oggle Brooke laugh your ass off and drink sake for a few more hours on the cheap.

Bonus Drink Special!: They’ll also be featuring $1.50 Miller Lite pints.

And as always…tell ‘em DrinkPlanner sent ya!

UPDATE* I just got word that Kuroshio is now carrying Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA! If you haven’t had this fantastic super-hopped craft beer before, it’s quite the treat. Not only that, but they’re selling the bottles in the $5-5.50 range (I wasn’t able to nail down an exact price) while most places are selling them in the $7-7.75 range.

via:: Kuroshio Sushi

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