Drinkplanner in mutineer magazine

mutineercoverJust a heads up gang…if you want even MORE DrinkPlanner than we give you here on the websites and the Twitters and the Shirt Shops and everywhere else, you can now find some at your local newstand in the latest issue of Mutineer Magazine. They featured DrinkPlanner and some of my homies in a spirits survey, and listed us as one of the “Spirits Blogs You Should Be Reading”.  Nice, right?  Plus, the Zane Lamprey cover story is great. 

So you can either subscribe online for (at the moment) $10 for a year, which is a steal, or pick up the issue at Borders, Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton, Hastings, or Books-a-Million in the food and beverage section (at least that’s where it was in the Borders I went to). It might be at other retailers, but who knows if you’ll find it or not Risky McChancealot.  I promise you NOTHING.

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2 Responses to “DrinkPlanner in Mutineer Magazine”

  1. White Russian says:

    Congrats on being quoted and named as a blog people should be reading! I’ll pick a copy up this weekend.

  2. Anthony says:

    Ditto what White Russian said! I checked my local Barnes and Nobles and for some reason they didn’t have a copy .. but I emailed the guys at Mutineer Magazine and they were able to tell me which store in my area had a copy.

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