Drinkplanner is now on twitter

Yep that’s right, the oh-so-hot web app Twitter has a new drunkard to contend with: ME.  I’m not entirely sold on the value of it yet (I’ll probably just use it as a platform for my drunken treatise on the degradation of the quality of restaurant onions over the past 10 years or something equally interesting), but what the hell I’ll give it a whirl so that all you good people who care to track my every boozy move can stay on the bleeding edge of the life of the DrinkPlanner.  Thrilling, ain’t it?

So if you’re on Twitter, go here and you can follow me, and if you’re interesting, I’ll follow you back.  I’m sure there’s some kind of plugin where I can just have the updates post in a little window on the side or something if you’re not on Twitter.  If so expect to see it in the next few days.

Oh, and make sure to come back on Monday, the Bierstick testing is complete!

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