Drinkplanner is still very much alive

Oh hello there.

Sorry for the derth of posts lately, gang.  Computer issues still abound, and add to that a few days of being violently ill, I’m still getting back up to speed.  But I’m still here, and I’ll get everything back to normal as soon as I can, I promise.  


Approximately what I’d like to do to my computer

In the meantime, here’s a few fun things.  I’d wanted to put out some sort of Boozer’s Gift Guide, but a few of my fellow bloggers have done a far better job than I ever could have, so I’ll just link to theirs:

I know I’ve seen more over the past week or so, but those are the ones that stuck in my addled brain.  If you’ve come across any other good ones, post them in the comments and share with the rest of the class, please.  

THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY is Thursday Drink Night at the Mixoloseum.  This week’s event is being sponsored by Sandeman Port, which I think will be very interesting.  It’s never really occured to me to try mixing drinks with port wine before, but I think the results could be really interesting.  So go pick up a bottle of the 10 Yr Tawny or Founders Reserve (or both!) and head on over for some mixology madness.  Check out the post Gabe put up with info on the special guest, prizes, and more!

And last but not least, this guy is wrong.  While I heartily approve of his postings of hawt mythbusting vixens, he is wrong wrong wrong and I think you should tell him.  He says he doesn’t want a flamewar, which is fine with me, but you guys should still tell him he’s so wrong it hurts.  And that his face is stupid.

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  1. Mutineer Magazine Said,

    Glad to know you haven’t fell off the face of the Earth. We look forward to you writing again.


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