Drinkplanners 1 year anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but just 1 year ago today, DrinkPlanner.com was birthed onto the internet, kicking and screaming and in dire need of a drink.  While the first post was a bit more local-drink-special-oriented (though worldwide domination by a zombie army was promised) we’ve come a long way since then.  Even though we didn’t really start cranking things up until April-ish of this year,  we were here, and ready to drink whatever was thrown at us.

Our first logo!

We started out with some familiar booze-blog topics, like beer pong and beer pong and uhmm…Beirut?  Ok, so we were covering already well-tred topics, fair enough.  It didn’t take long to start branching out, crowning our first ever Champion of Drinking and showing you remedies to age-old diseases and sharing the moments that make drinking something to be passionate about.  We debuted the Ask DrinkPlanner feature where we answered questions about consumption, like is a wine hangover different from other hangovers, or how to increase alcohol tolerance and the age-old question of whether beer before liquor matters.  Questions about what to drink if you’re a manly man-man or just a beginner.

Then things really took off.  By took off, I mean the article that was most responsible for our success: The 10 Commandments for Drinking Like a Man.  The truth about that article…I wrote the majority of it semi-hammered one night, saved a draft of it, and let it sit unfinished and unpublished for MONTHS.  I wasn’t happy with it to publish it that minute (and knew enough not to drunk-post it), so I let it sit, until one day looking for something to post I looked back through my drafts and said to myself “Hey, this is actually pretty good!”.  So I polished it up and added some pictures and tossed it on the internet.  Since then it’s garnered a bajillion hits and some controversy to boot.

Mission: Drunk the Planet

Just kept on truckin’ from there…we gave you reasons to leave work, ways to drink undetected, called out Ask Men for being a truckload of toolbags, defended canned beer, showed you the ancient art of getting hammered, and brought you Drinking Decks and the one and only Bierstick.  Oh, and we opened a kickass shirt store.

So, since I’m all nostalgic and now is as good a time as any, let me take a minute to thank some people.  You should know that there are two of us who run this site, me the DrinkPlanner Writing Guy and then there’s the DrinkPlanner Website Guy who does all the technical site design stuff.  He’s also the guy who works directly with restaurants and bars, does a whole hell of a lot behind the scenes, and is a great friend.  So since I’m the Writer Guy and I can write whatever I want, I just wanted to thank and publicly acknowledge everything he does, the site would not be what it is without him.  So thanks for everything you do, homie.

I’d also like to thank our friends and families who have been tireless in their efforts to support us and make this site successful.  They’ve done everything possible to try and help promote us and spread the word, and all their efforts are hugely appreciated and honestly, we can’t thank ya’ll enough.  So thanks guys, it’s meant a lot.

I’d also like to thank all the other drinking blogs and beer blogs and cocktail blogs wine blogs and everyone writing anything positive about drinking anywhere.  It’s been really heartening to see that there are so many people out there with the same passion for drinking (in whatever form it takes).  So I thank all of you boozy folks for any and all support you’ve given us and for being an inspiration above all.

And of course, I must thank you, the reader.  You guys kick ass and spread the word, and again, have made this site what it is.  If it weren’t for you guys, i’d be the online equivalent of the crazy drunkard talking to himself on the street.  But here on the internets, I’ve found all of you kindred spirits.  Now we can all stumble down the street drunkenly rambling on to each other.  There’s something comforting in that, my friends.  Thanks for reading.

Our average reader…

So where are we going from here?  Oh gosh…if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?  Just know that we’ve got big plans, and there’s lots more drinking and lots more fun to be had.  Stick with us, we won’t let ya down.

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  1. White Russian Said,

    WooHoo! Happy one year!

    I love the site and visit it almost daily. Thanks for a great first year and I look forward to reading it and using it for many more to come!

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