Drunker than drunk

Fall-on-your-ass-drunk.  We’ve all been there.  Staggering, stumbling, falling over and generally making asses out of ourselves.  We all have at least one story.  In your story, did you attempt to go by yourself to a convenience store and try to buy even more booze?  Probably not, or if you did, you definitely weren’t as blasted as this dude:

EMBED-Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer – Watch more free videos

I think my favorite part is around the 2:55 mark or so where he’s already on the ground but somehow manages to keep falling.  And the fact that this happened at 10 in the morning on a Tuesday. AND the ending is amazing.

Let this be a lesson, kids.  If you’re going to get that hammered, either buy all the beer you’ll need beforehand, or STAY AT HOME for crying out loud.  You’re making the rest of us look bad.

via:: Liquor Snob

4 Responses to “Drunker Than Drunk”

  1. Tony Harion says:

    even look like the gravity is shifting on him… hahahah

  2. Tiare says:

    I`ve never seen anyone so drunk before..

  3. […] is definitely not as funny as that other drunk dude, but it IS proof that somehow, somewhere, somebody is looking out for amazingly drunk […]

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