Eat drink or die the choice is easy

Here’s an interesting (and presumably) new site I’ve come across: Eat Drink or Die. In the same vein as the Will Ferrell-propelled Funny or Die, they’ve got videos that can be voted up or down, depending upon the whim of the viewer. They’re just all about food and drink, as pretty much anyone could tell from the title.

I, naturally, am interested in the Drinks section of the site. There’s some pretty good stuff so far…Steve Calabro has a Drink of the Day section where he quickly shows you how to make a specific drink (with links to exact measurements provided), The always straight-forward Gary Vaynerchuk has about 10 videos up as the Wine Expert with quick commentary on wine and wine trends. So far, looks like they’re off to a good start.

Here’s a quick video where sommelier Justin Leone shows the proper way to open a bottle of champagne (I told you not to let it pop off like a jackass!)

<a href=”” mce_href=””>HOW TO OPEN A CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE – JUSTIN LEONE</a> on <a href=”” mce_href=””></a>

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