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Right off the bat, straight out of the park, we serve you up a winner (we’re pros, trust us). Kuroshio is the newest sushi spot to set up shop in Kennesaw, and in our humble opinion, we think they’re a winner. We saddled up to the table there for a few hours, and besides the unnumbered near-free $1.50 Miller Light drafts we managed to slam down, the sushi they served up was something to behold. The atmosphere in Kuroshio is actually pretty classy (for us, anyway), but with a comfortable feel. And the staff is so friendly and downright welcoming that you feel immediately at home shoving Crazy Rolls and Ahi Poki sashimi down your throat between generous gulps of sake.

Oh yeah, the sake. We’re not entirely sure how many kinds we sampled, or even which one was our favorite, but we MUST recommend the selection at Kuroshio. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot (or twelve) before dismissing it. If you’ve had it and maybe weren’t sure if it was for you, the DrinkPlanner staff highly recommends the wide selection of cold premium sakes to whet your whistle. I mean, you can stick with the plain old beer, if you’re going to be a crybaby about it. But once you’re settled in, you’ll probably be drinking both. We certainly did.

So check out Kuroshio, they’ve got a damn fine collection of high-octane beverages, and some sushi (not to mention some of the best fried rice this writer has ever come across) that could very well knock your socks off.  Clean.  Off. Tell ‘em DrinkPlanner sent ya.

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