Friday diversion who would you get drunk with

It’s just what it sounds like. Let us know in the comments exactly who you’d want to get hammered with and share some time at a bar with. William Shatner? Ghandi? Tom Cruise? Let us know who and why so we can have a little discussion and figure out who the best well-known drinking partner would be.

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  1. squane Said,

    Harrison Ford. He could teach me a thing or two about good Scotch.

  2. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Oooohhh, good one.

  3. The White Russian Said,

    The easy/obvious answer is Jesus. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see The Man drunk?

    For someone currently available for a night of boozing I’ll say, in the spirit of an election year, Obama.

  4. DrinkPlanner Said,

    I like the idea of drinking with JC. He turned water to wine, so you know he knows the value of a good party (and quality booze, as the story goes).

    Modern day…I’d share a drink with Obama, see if it broke him down any and find out if he’s really what he seems, or what he really believes. Booze IS the great equalizer, after all.

    I’d also drink with McCain though, a guy who’s had the life he has GOTS to have some amazing stories, especially some that he only breaks out when he’s good and hammered.

    But really…in my secret darkest heart of hearts…I’d want to get plastered with George W. I mean really…just to break down his inhibitions and see what he REALLY knew and REALLY believed and what was REALLY complete bullshit. What’s an act and what’s whole-hearted belief. What’s gone on in that man’s head for the past 8 years is really something I’d really like to dive in to. It might scare the ever-living shit out of me, but like a horrible trainwreck, impossible to look away.

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