Happy birthday dad

Just wanted to take a quick second and raise a glass to my Dad on his birthday today.  I won’t embarrass him here by saying exactly how old he is, but let’s just say it’s a BIG ONE*, and worth writing about (sorry other family members whose birthdays I haven’t written about, when you get this old I promise you’ll get your own post too!).  He’s a wonderful, caring, humble man and there are a thousand other superlatives I could list here, but I’ll stick with those and say he’s the man I admire most and a refined drinker of impeccable taste.  

So here’s to you, Dad, thank you for everything, including making me the man I am today.  Unless you don’t want to claim credit for that, in which case we’ll blame Mom.  Happy Birthday!

*That’s what she said!  Sorry, still working on that mature adult thing.  Also, I need to add jokes in here so it’s not a total Sappy Sapperman mush-fest.  FARTS!

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