Help dirty south wine get a really goode job

So here’s the deal: Hardy Wallace of Dirty South Wine is throwing his hat in the ring to hopefully win a kickass 6-month gig with Murphy-Goode Winery.  And he is throwing it hard.  He’s launched a web 2.0 onslaught campaign to get the job (with websites and Twitters and the whole shootin’ match), and he needs our help to make it happen.  It’s easy, go watch his video, and vote for it as your favorite.  He’s a funny guy who knows his wine, is incredibly passionate about it, and personally I’m always down to help a fellow Atlantan, especially if that means landing what is basically his dream job.  I mean how can you not get behind a guy whose site’s tagline is “Wine is Meant to be Crunk”? Go Hardy!

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One Response to “Help Dirty South Wine Get A Really Goode Job”

  1. Hardy says:

    Thank you so much for the support!!!! I really really appreciate it!

    I need all the votes I can get!!!!!

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