How to get to drinkplanner part 2

We’ve done this once before, but it’s worth doing it again. Some of the ways people find our site are hilarious and/or frightening.  Either way, it’s always fun looking through the logs and selecting a few gems to share with you.  

  1. wild turkey pitchers – Again, I am shocked and amazed that somewhere out there, an establishment is serving up entire pitchers of straight whiskey.  WHERE IS THIS HAPPENING!?!
  2. “from a c-cup to an a-cup” – You’re going the wrong way!  
  3. myspace icons 12th commandment douchebaggery – What!?!
  4. anybody found mountain dew throwback in utah? – This might be my all-time favorite.  I think it’s hilarious when people treat search engines like real living things that they can ask questions to rather than just type in search terms (for example “What is the best way to get out blood stains?” instead of “blood stain removal”), but this guy takes it to a whole new level.  He asks the question to Google like Google is a bunch of his pals, and they’re a pretty smart bunch of dudes (who just happen to sit around and wait for this joker to ask them questions), so if anyone has seen Mountain Dew Throwback in Utah, it’s probably them.  
  5. tip of how not to be a nerd – Tip #1: Don’t look it up on the internet LIKE A NERD.  
  6. little sad drinking guy – See above.
  7. normaly how long dick have a man – You have reached this page in error.  Hard, throbbing error.  
  8. why shouldnt black people drink coors light – Uhm well, I guess for the same reason anyone else shouldn’t…it’s flavorless crap.
  9. picher of gun sex – You want a pitcher of what?  Or a picture of…you know what, I don’t even care, you are no longer welcome at this website.  Good day to you, sir.  
  10. kennesaw pedophile  – I SAID GOOD DAY!
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