Ibeer app makes the iphone actually cool

It’s pretty much what it looks like: it fills up your iphone with ‘beer”, and it will slosh around based on the crude accelerometer in the phone.  Tip it towards the top right to “drink” and it will slowly empty out, or give it a shake and it will foam up.

I want to hate it, because I have a passionate (if somewhat irrational) hatred of all things Apple that burns in me like the fire from a thousand suns.  Also, it’s pretty useless yet it still costs $3.  However, I think it’s just clever enough that I kind of like it.  At least enough to post it here and share with all you good people.

iBeer via :: BBG

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  1. The White Russian Said,

    I just installed this on a new iPod Touch I got. I gotta say it’s pretty funny. Completely useless, but still pretty funny. Thanks for the lead

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