If hangovers were people my head would be china

Or something. You get what I’m trying to say. If you made it out to Kuroshio last night, well then you probably feel something like us: satisfied, well-fed, and more than a little hung over. If you didn’t make it out, you probably feel like the poindexter who chose to help his grandmother with her knitting instead of going to a kickass party where things got so nuts that that one girl you like (you know the one, the one you’ve had a not-so-secret crush on since 8th grade?) hooked up with that jackass who shanked you in P.E. in elementary school and everyone laughed…all because you weren’t there. She was looking for you, dude. Where were you? She WANTED you, man!

Grand opening successful? Yes. Wild epic party? Yes. Photographic proof? Here. Though we can’t show you ALL the pictures, this is a family drinking site.

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