Its good to be the king

Pop quiz!

Group of people sitting around a table, each with cards in their hands, and there’s a pile in the middle. If I throw a card down on the table from my hand and it’s a 4 of anything…what happens next?

If you said “Social!” then take comfort, you’re among friends. If you didn’t know, drink 2 for not knowing…and go get us some more beer.

Today I came across something that I couldn’t believe someone hadn’t done before, given how huge card-based drinking games are (and have been for YEARS). I found the well-designed packs of cards offered by Drinking Decks, which offer decks of cards that are all-in-one good for games of Asshole, Circle of Death (aka Kings or King’s Cup), Ride the Bus…and probably for whatever other drinking game you could think to use them for. Honestly, these are some good looking cards, and very reasonably priced for cards this specialized and sexy. Your friends are sure to oohh and aahh the first time you slap these down on the table, checking out the baddass custom designs for each number and face card.

It’s genius really. I mean…what more could you ask for? The card for “social” says social. The card for “give 8″ says give 8. They’re stupid-easy, which is important when you’re playing a drinking game. They look great, and best of all, if someone spills a beer on them (I’m looking at you Amber), they’re cheap and easy to replace.

We here at DrinkPlanner Headquarters are definitely looking forward to ordering a few packs of these and sitting down with some beers and some friends and getting tore up for a few days hours.

Drinking Decks via Jake

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