Its my duty to please that judicial system

Well let me just assure you that everything you’ve ever heard about jury duty is true.  That is if “everything you’ve ever heard” is that it’s stupefyingly, achingly, frustratingly boring.  Let me give you a brief recap of today’s thrilling activities.

1. Sitting

2. Staring into space

3. Twittering my frigging fingers off because I had nothing else to do

4. Praying for the sweet release of death

5. Nodding off in a chair

6. Wishing I’d brought a book or my Zune or a gun

7. Lunch at Hemingway’s: Good food, pathetic drink menu

8. Conspiring with my fellow duty-ers to each bring a flask in tomorrow

9. Random conversation about Kuroshio with strangers who’d been there and loved it

As pleasant as items 7-9 were, they altogether took up maybe 10% of my day, so you can get a rough estimate of just how maddeningly dull the waiting is.  I’d say it’s almost as maddening as it is to watch the same 5 people sit at the 5 complimentary computer stations ALL DAY LONG and not give any of the rest of us a chance to even check our email for 5 frigging minutes.  Thanks jerks!

Ok that’s it, thanks for letting me rant guys.  If you care to continue hearing the blow-by-blow tomorrow (and possibly the rest of the week), follow me on Twitter.  Now, to drink!

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