January jones jimmy fallon play beer pong

A few weeks ago I told you how January Jones of Mad Men fame claimed to be a beer pong champ. You guys remember January, right?


I will literally use any excuse possible to post this picture

So last night January was on the Jimmy Fallon show, and he decided to put her to the test and challenge her to a game of beer pong. Watch!

By the way, what kind of jacked-up kind of beer pong was she talking about? I’ve heard of weirdos who play with paddles like that, but I’ve never actually met any. I’m not going to get into the whole Beer Pong vs. Beirut discussion here, because frankly I don’t care. Play with your paddles if you want, freaks, you’re the ones with the problem, not me! THE SICKNESS IS INSIDE YOU!

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  1. Whoa! I definitely approve of this..

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