Kickass bottle design samurai vodka

I have no idea if this is an actual product or just a concept design thingy, but dayuuum, this is a friggin’ sweet bottle design.

I don’t care if it tastes like lukewarm catpiss and 4-day old backup-dancer buttfunk, I WANT THAT BOTTLE.

via :: MND Twitter

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2 Responses to “Kickass Bottle Design: Samurai Vodka”

  1. maing-g says:

    if the bottle were sliced, as is intended impression, shouldn’t the top part be sliding downward?

  2. DrinkPlanner says:

    Someone made that point over on the design website it’s posted on. Another poster replied that doing it that way would cause an inverted angle which would be problematic in the production process. It would also create a small pocket of vodka TRAPPED FOREVER (until you rotated the bottle).

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