Kuroshio 2 year anniversary

Just a quick heads up, our friends at Kuroshio sushi are celebrating their 2 year anniversary THIS SATURDAY.  They grow up so fast, don’t they?  To celebrate, They’re offering $1 house sake and (if their Facebook page is to be believed) free appetizers ALL DAY.  That’s right, you could theoretically have edamame and sake for breakfast, and it’s not even your birthday!*

So if you like sushi, sake, restaurant birthdays and great deals, you should head on over and join the celebration.  Tell ‘em DrinkPlanner sent ya.

*It might be your birthday, I don’t know, ask your mom

One Response to “Kuroshio 2 Year Anniversary!”

  1. lovin scotch says:

    Drinkplanner, it’s been a while. I look forward to checking the website daily and all but break down in tears when there’s not a new article. Thank you for bringing joy to my life.

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