Kuroshio Overload

I know I know…we won’t shut up about Kuroshio, but we couldn’t let this deal go by without passing it on to you, our loyal drink-guzzling readership. They’re having a full-blown Halloween costume-party thingy on Saturday, November 3rd (yes, we know it’s technically after Halloween, but you know as well as we do that the good parties don’t really happen until the weekend, when we’re free of our accursed responsibilities) where the best costume wins a $50 gift card.

Oh yeah, and all night all draft beers are $1! Can you hear that!?! It’s the sound of our stomachs gurgling in anticipation of the sweetest kind of booze known to man…nearly-free, that is (if it were completely free, we’d already be there lined up outside the door, day-jobs be damned). They’ll have a live DJ on hand to keep the party hip-hoppin’ and be-boppin’ until the wee hours of the morning, when all the suckers who don’t read this site will be sleeping and NOT drinking $1 beers. I feel bad for them, honestly. We’ll try not to rub it in their faces too much. Maybe just a little.