Kuroshios 1 year anniversary sushibration

Time flies, doesn’t it?  It seems like just yesterday we were first writing about our pals at Kuroshio and their drink deals.  Now we turn around, and our little baby boy is one year old.  We look back fondly at the little sushi joint infant once crawling around eating Cheerios off the floor, but Kuroshio has grown up to be quite the big boy in the community, throwing down some of the best fried rice I’ve ever had not to mention fantastic sushi and consistently solid drink deals.  So congratulations Kuroshio! May your chicken fried rice reign supreme forever, your sushi be the freshest around, and your sake be the life of many more parties to come!

To celebrate, Kuroshio will be throwing down a 1 Year Anniversary Event like no other this Friday, August 1st. There will be free prizes given away and HALF OFF their ENTIRE BAR! Yes, sushi and booze fans, your beers, sakes and wines are all half price this Friday.  Thanks Kuroshio!

*Yes, I realize that I just consciously created and unleashed upon the internets the word “Sushibration”.  I’m not proud of myself.

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