Mad men star a beer pong champ

You guys watch Mad Men, right?  Of course you do, it’s great!  So you know that one chick on there, the one married to Don?  Betty is her name.  Here’s a reminder of what she looks like, just in case you’re not sure:


Granted, she doesn’t dress quite like that on the show, but still, you know who I mean.  Anyway, in a recent interview with GQ January Jones reveals that she’s quite the beer drinker and drinking game afficionado.  Here’s a few of the things revealed in the interview:

  • She claims to be a beer pong champion among her friends
  • She once got cut off on a flight for playing quarters too loudly
  • She’s planning on dressing up as Troy Polamalu for Halloween
  • Five beers into the interview, she picks up the recorder and announces: “Dear men of America, I like beer, I like football. I’m probably the most interesting girl you’ll ever meet.”  She drinks three more before the night is over.

No arguments that January is quite the interesting lady.  I’d also like to extend an open invitation: January, anytime, and I mean ANY TIME you’re in the Atlanta area let me know and I will drop absolutely everything (including any and all babies I may be holding) to play beer pong, quarters, oggle-the-pretty-lady or whatever you want.  I’m all yours.

via:: GQ

6 Responses to “Mad Men Star a Beer Pong Champ”

  1. Ken Paradiso says:

    That is great news. I didn’t know that. She should try here luck on one of our tables.

  2. […] few weeks ago I told you how January Jones of Mad Men fame claimed to be a beer pong champ. You guys remember January, […]

  3. Loved your examination of this fascinating topic. Saved and will check back for more insightful discussion. bfn

  4. Extenze says:

    I told you how January Jones of Mad Men fame claimed to be a beer pong champ.

  5. Noel Richmon says:

    I really have to admit it’s quite a novelty to see a somewhat ‘different’ blog like yours, great effort. I expect I’ll be coming back frequently to see if you have uploaded another comment.

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