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I touched briefly on garnish not long ago in an Ask DrinkPlanner, but if you want to learn more, check out the recap of the Garnish Chat from last Thursday over at the Mixoloseum.  They had some highly knowledgable people (like Tiare, KaiserPenguin, and special guest Jeff “Beachbum” Berry) on hand to talk about history and techniques and all sorts of seriously cool stuff.

Plus, FIRE!

Coffee Grog by TraderTiki

See, the truth is I’ve been remiss in hipping you guys to something.  Every Thursday night, the Mixoloseum hosts Thursday Drink Night, where cocktail geeks, most of whom are cocktail bloggers, sit around and make up drinks together and then everyone tries them out to see if the drink is a success or needs tweaking or whatever.  There are themes, prizes for best drink, and general geeking out about cocktails.  I haven’t told you good people about this yet for two reasons:

1. I haven’t been able to attend, or show up really late (and why would you want to go if I won’t be there?  My narcissism knows no bounds!)

2. I’ve underestimated you, gentle reader.

More to the point, I’ve judged you.  See, as most of the attendees are writers (professional or otherwise) about cocktails, they have some pretty impressive bars.  Some have a few hundred bottles.  They use things like falernum and orgeat regularly, and make their own syrups and tinctures.  In the few TDNs I’ve been at, I’ve not been able to make a single drink because my own bar consists of four bottles and half of a lime (and it’s drying out pretty quickly).

China Clipper by Rick of KaiserPenguin

So I assumed.  I assumed that if I don’t have the bar to mix it up with these cats that none of my readers would either.  I assumed that you all had the same sad shallow bar that I do (though I’m slowly working on it…it’s hard to keep them from draining too quickly).

That’s a stupid assumption.  And moreover, every time I’ve attended even though I wasn’t able to make anything, I learned a ton and it’s a fun crowd that only gets rowdier as more drinks are “tested”.  Why should I deprive you of this fun?

So, it is with a heavy heart that I apologize.  I was wrong to deprive you of this, and I hope eventually I can make it up to you*.  And I encourage you to check it out and learn from all the drink nerds.  If you can’t make it, there’s always a recap posted on the Mixoloseum blog a day or two after.  Read through some of the recaps, see if it’s your kind of thing, and then check it out on Thursday nights!

*Imagine the preceding sentence being delivered in the deep soothing baritone of an R & B ballad apology, as in “Baby, you know I never meant to hurt you…I swear I’ll be a better man” See?  All better now!

4 Responses to “Mixoloseum Garnish Chat, and an Apology”

  1. cocktailnerd says:

    Thanks for the love, DrinkPlanner! We love having you around and, for one of these “themeless” nights like this week, you should make an appearance and propose your *own* cocktail (evoking a “Raising Arizona” voice there) using whatever you have on-hand.

    Then, you know, you can be one of the rowdy ones too!

  2. DrinkPlanner says:

    I will have to do that. And don’t worry, I’m still drinking when I’m there, just not what everyone else is!

  3. tIARE says:

    Hope you`ll attend drinkplanner, its as you know tons of fun! unfortunately i won`t be there this time due to work, but hope to see you next time!


  4. […] know I’ve told you I’m not going to deprive you of certain events on the interwebs, and I’m sticking to that.  So tonight join the crew in the Mixoloseum Bar […]

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