New shirt my other shirt is already at the bar

Sorry it’s such a slow week post-wise, gang, things got busy for me.  So to super-duper reward you all for your patience, here’s a new shirt for you at an all-new lowest price ever.  Yep, this will be, by several whole dollars, our least-expensive shirt ever released.  AND, it’s in some brand-new blue shades for both men and women.  So here it is, first in man-form:

And of course, for the ladies:

Slick, no?  So head on over to the DrinkPlanner Shirt Shop to pick these (or any other) shirts out to drape over your shapely torsos.  And just a reminder…if there are any shirts that you’d like to see in another color or style, just let me know and I’ll whip it up for you.  Seriously!  It’s just the kind of guy I am.  If you’ve already bought a shirt and would like to see yourself all famous on the interwebs, email us some pictures of you wearing the shirt (and preferably naked boozing) and we can make it happen.

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