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This is a big one, gang.  NEXT Thursday, May 28th at 7pm, I’ll be chatting and webcamming LIVE from Beleza in midtown Atlanta to make drinks with Oval vodka.  My big beardy head will be there, along with Samantha Harrigan from Cocktail Culture, as well as some local press folks and even an appearance by The DrinkPlanner Guy Who Doesn’t Write.  We’ll be working with Beleza’s head bartender Adam Fox mixing up all kinds of drinks, but of course, we need help from all of YOU good people to join us in the chat and give us ideas and suggestions.  Otherwise I’ll have nothing to drink, and you don’t want that to happen, do you?  

The featured spirit of the evening is Oval vodka, a relatively new vodka from Austria.  Now, I know what you’re saying, “Oh great another vodka, PERFECT, as if there weren’t already 5000 other “unique” vodka-snowflakes to choose from.  I’ll be sure to buy a bottle just as soon as I finish the other 4999 nearly identical vodkas”.  To that I would have to say that TYPICALLY yes, you’d be correct, vodkas are, generally speaking not that different from each other.  HOWEVER, Oval has gone the extra step and wrangled the powers of SCIENCE to make their vodka different through a process ominously referred to as “structuring”.  It’s an eleven-day vodka re-education boot-camp where they use extremely high temperatures and pressure to alter the alcohol and water on a molecular level.  Impressive, right?  The end result is each alcohol molecule being surrounded by four water molecules, giving Oval a smoother taste AND a higher percentage of alcohol.  Those are both qualities I desire in a vodka.  Thanks Science!  

So mark your calendars, tie a string around your finger, get it tattooed on your forehead*, REMEMBER that at 7pm Eastern on May 28th you and I have an online date in the Mixoloseum Bar, bring a bottle of Oval with you, and dress smart.  I don’t like being stood up.  

*Backwards of course, so you can read it in the mirror.  

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