Oval vodka tdn recap with pictures

If you guys missed our online event last Thursday, YOU MISSED IT BIG.  Oval vodka sponsored our night out at Beleza and tons of great folks showed up in our online chat to help us mix some new and interesting cocktails.  Seriously, cocktails made with arugula, cardamom, and a liqueur that tastes like pine trees.  No joke.


Samantha and I cold nerdin’ it up with our laptops at the bar

You can check out the recap on the Mixoloseum site to see the top 5 drinks of the night.  We were able to make most of these at Beleza (or get close enough), though some of the crazy submissions had our bartenders Adam and Navarro scrambling (and occasionally rolling their eyes), but they were great sports and very professional.  The two drinks listed that I was able to try and really enjoyed were the Perfumed Beauty (a surprise hit) and Pi*a*b (which is the mathematical equation to calculate the surface area of an oval.  An OVAL, GET IT!?!  You get it.  Lots Of Love).  Check ‘em out.


Suspendered bartender Adam mixing the Oval into my favorite drink of the night, Perfumed Beauty

So thanks to everyone who came out to the chat and gave us tons of great cocktails to taste (and sometimes critique).  Big thanks to Beleza for hosting us, and to Sam and Oval vodka for setting the whole thing up.  We had a blast and are looking forward to the next time we can do something like this.  If you missed this one, you’re a jerkface for standing me up and you’d better buy me something pretty to make up for it.  I accept expensive electronics, and of course, booze.  But it would behoove you not to miss the next one, buster.

*UPDATE* Rick from Kaiser Penguin has posted up some bee-u-tee-full pictures of drinks made that night on the Mixoloseum site.  Seriously, HOT.

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  1. Rick says:

    Cheers Jon! Glad to have you out at the event.

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