People look gooood in drinkplanner shirts

We have our first submitted pics of readers wearing their oh-so-sexy DrinkPlanner shirts! They were even kind enough to send a little note with the pictures:

Hey DrinkPlanner!

Me and the wife bought a few of your shirts and decided to wear them out to a party at a friends BBQ this weekend.  They were a big hit!  Everybody was asking where we got them and about your site.  I’ve attached some photos from the night showing off our new duds, thought you might like to see them in action.

Keep up the great work!

WILL DO.  It’s true, the couple that drinks together stays together.  Here’s some of the pics they sent along, I think the shirts look pretty damn good, if I do say so myself:

Damn Skippy

Putting the shirt to work

Whiskey in hand, like his momma taught him

Showcasing the shirts so that all may bask in their glory

So anyone else out there with shirts, feel free to send in your pics of you living the dream in them (and I’m happy to crop out or blur faces or whatever for anonymity, if you want) so you can show the world how it’s done.  Wait, you don’t have a shirt yet?  Well get your fine heiney to the DrinkPlanner Shirt Shop and get yourself a new wardrobe (just in time for back to school!)

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