Private sake tastingwhat should i ask

So here’s the deal, gang.  Team DrinkPlanner (that’s me and The Other DrinkPlanner Guy) has been kindly invited to a private sake tasting of Koji Sake this Thursday afternoon by none other than the brand’s creator and certified sake sommelier Koji Aoto.  We’ll be sampling a wide variety of sakes, and you won’t.  Jealous?  Of course you are, you’ve always been the jealous type.  

But we’ll definitely be thinking of you, dear readers, and we want to take a little bit of you with us.  So I’m asking you: What questions should we ask about sake?

I mean I know a little about sake, like that it’s made from rice, and there’s a polishing process where the outer layers are removed and the more polished the rice is, the better the quality, and that there are three types of…oh listen to me, gabbing away like Dr. Sake,  Adjunct Professor at Knowing Everything About Sake And Rice Polishing University.  If you want the boring textbook knowledge, go read the wikipedia entry.  ANYWAY, I want YOUR normal-people questions about sake to take with me on my journey aaaaaallll the way across town in Tucker, GA.  So post them in the comments, and I’ll make sure we get you some answers.

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  1. White Russian Said,

    I would want to know what’s different about their sake or how they make their sake from other brands. I’m sure he’ll tell you without you asking but it would be cool to hear specifically about their process.

    I’m also curious if there are differences between sake in the US and sake “back home.” Like, is it an Americanized version like a lot of Mexican food? Are we drinking the Taco Bell version of sake?

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