Prohibition ends and we forget

So we just missed it, and we’re ashamed to say it’s all our fault. Yesterday, April 7th, was the 75th anniversaryusa beerz of the end of prohibition here in the U. S. of A. A notable day indeed, when F. D. R. came to his senses and realized the teetotaling jerkwads of the time were, in fact, completely wrong. A day when we boozers and members of the responsible drinking public earned our respectability and honor by the President saying in no uncertain terms that yes, we who chose to imbibe now and again (or daily or even hourly, if we so choose), are upstanding and of equal (if not greater) caliber than the average U. S citizen. That our effort through bootlegging and backcountry moonshine distilling and bathtub gin making were not in vain, that we were –nay, ARE– the lifeblood of this great nation, and that we as a country are better with our participation in this grand experiment of democracy.

We are the blood that pumps through the working man as he labors endlessly. We are the 3-martini break in the high-powered executive’s workday. We are the shot snuck from the flask by the everyman in the cubicle as he (or she) makes their way through the 9-hour grind. We are the refreshing splash of a cold beer against the back of the throat of every person working for the weekend. We are America, damnit, and we’re here to drink and enjoy it.

So raise a glass, damnit, and drink one for the glory of America!

Imbibe, via :: Dethroner

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