Save three sheets

I just read some pretty bad news from RumDood.  Short version is that the cable channel responsible for “Three Sheets“, one of our favorite shows about drinking, is shutting down.  But there’s a chance for “Three Sheets” to survive: SpikeTV.  They’re being kind of slow about it apparently, so action needs to be taken to let them know we want them to pick up the show.  Email SpikeTV and beg ask them to pick up “Three Sheets” and keep Zane on the air. 

The longer version: I love this show.  It’s funny, pro-booze, informative and entertaining.  If you’ve never watched it, go over to Hulu where they’ve got every full episode for free available for your viewing enjoyment.  It’s great, right?  The host, Zane Lamprey, gets to travel all over the planet and gets to try everything out there, from super-swanky tastings with master distillers and brewers to down-and-dirty drinking with locals in dive bars.  He’s good at it, so good that we named him one of our illustrious Champions of Drinking (mostly out of my painfully obvious envy of him and his job).  We also listed the show as one of the Top Five Booziest of the Past Five Years.

So if you’ve got a minute, give SpikeTV a holler and help keep good boozing TV on the air.

Thanks for the tip RumDood!

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  1. White Russian Said,

    That IS sad news. I hope Spike picks it up because it’s definitely a fun show.

    Thanks for the heads up DP

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