Snuggie pub crawl is coming to your town

Unless you haven’t turned on a TV in the past few months, you know what a Snuggie is.  They’re ridiculous, and they’re everywhere.  Your grandmother probably sent you one this Christmas, because she knows you’re too cheap to turn up your heat.  

So what do you do with it?  You can’t actually use it the way it’s intended, because you’re far too cool for that AND you’re not a shut-in.   Throwing it away would be rude.  So what do you do?  You go on a pub crawl.

Some industrious young so-and-so’s got the idea to take the ubiquitous Snuggie, mix in a little snark and irony, and top it off with a heavy pour of booze to create the Snuggie Pub Crawl.  The first will be held in Chicago, but you can enter in your email to be notified of other crawls in other cities.  At this moment there are 2365 people signed up for the Chicago Crawl.  Holy crap!  That’s a lot of people dressed up in blankets looking like they’re in some bizarre sleepy drinking cult roaming the streets.  

So go sign up already.  I’ve already signed up for the Atlanta one, and as soon as some hard details materialize, I’m going to buy my Snuggie.  Unless they schedule it in the Summer, because no amount of ironic internet humor is worth trudging through the city looking like an asshole AND sweating.  

And as a bonus, here’s the Snuggie dubbed commercial parody thingy, The WTF Blanket.  Language NSFW.

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