Summer jamz 2010 its here

Once upon a time, on an internet in a faraway land, I used to have a LiveJournal (“I think they’re called ExtinctJournals, Grandpa”). Yeah I know, lame. But one of the things I miss about it is when I would put together music mixes for the 10s of people who read it. I would take a lot of time with it, make album cover art, and it was a lot of fun. Since I now write here on a drinking site I really don’t have an excuse to do that, because you don’t give a hoot whether I like the new Broken Bells or not, just make with the booze talk, guy. But it’s summertime, and you know what summertime means, right? It means…

SUMMER JAMZ, you guys. Is there anything better? How can you not love fun music for just cruising around, backyard barbeques with friends, or dancing by yourself in front of the computer plastered off of rum and cokes*? It is impossible. So I’ve put together some hot JAMZ from around the internets for you to enjoy however you please. Would you like a track listing? OK!

I tried to give it a good balance of all kinds of music, so unless you’re a super-granny or a baby, you are bound to find some JAMZ that you can get down to. Speaking of babies, there is adult language on some of these songs, so please be careful before you use this as FUNERAL JAMZ or MEETING HER PARENTS FOR THE FIRST TIME JAMZ. Could get awkward.

I got most of these JAMZ from music blogs and such, so I don’t think there’s any legal issues. I’m no Dr. Napster or anything, so maybe you have to delete these within 24 hours or maybe you have to send each band a poke on Facebook or MAYBE YOU JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, POINDEXTER. I don’t know, but I bear no responsibility.

So there it is, SUMMER JAMZ for 2010 for you and your ill crew to trade pokemons to (or whatever it is you kids do these days). 15 tracks, just under an hour, download it HERE! Let me know in the comments if the link goes down, k?

*Or what your mom calls “Tuesday afternoon”

3 Responses to “Summer Jamz 2010 – It’s Here!”

  1. White Russian says:

    Downloading the mix now…happy to have some new tunes for the summer. Thanks!

  2. Ars Technica says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jamz. I’ve been listening to them all year. Since May 2010, in fact. Great stuff!

  3. fgbx says:

    Hold Steady, well played, definitely a band to drink to. Try Massive Nights or Party Pit (mainly just for the end) or Citrus, if you’re feeling lonesome tonight.

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